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Epiphone Les Paul Nuclear factory freak?


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I have a Epiphone e-series nuclear Les Paul that may be one of a kind. After days of research I cannot find another nuclear LP with the classic “clipped open book” style headstock. Every other example ever features the e-series “dove wing” style with the big E printed on it. 
I checked the serial number and it was made in the unsung Korean factory in June of 2001, it is production number 0474. 
Has anyone ever found a E-series LP like that before? 
if people seem interested, I’ll post a vid and link on YouTube. 

thanks for any info/help




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No guesses at all? 
I only assume it’s a factory error or they just used whatever headstock was available at the time because there is no sign of headstock replacement and who would bother with a $250 Epi Les Paul? 
Just thought someone else would have chimed in with a example of another “factory error”. 

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It would've been a bad break to need a different head, and like you say there seems to be no sign of repair.

Maybe it was a first or last production run and they just used what neck they had? Or a gouge on the body meant it needed solid paint? Could have a flame maple veneer underneath, who knows?

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