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New LP issue


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I got a new 50s Std with P90s the day after Christmas. Phenomenal guitar  really. But the problem is this


If there is another guitar in the same room that guitar barely gets looked at. It's not like my other guitars are chumps. There is another LP, an SG, 339, Tele and Strat. All great guitars in their rights but the new one is just covers so much territory it gets grabbed first

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On 4/2/2020 at 9:45 PM, mihcmac said:

Congratulations on your new LP, there is nothing like a nice guitar with P90's.

I had similar things happen when I got my 50's style LP Std, also now I have P90's on all my guitars.



What is that gorgeous colour and what type of tremolo is that? 


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On 4/4/2020 at 4:11 PM, jdgm said:

This happened to me too when I got my LP Custom with P90s.   Just had to keep on playing it.

It's a nice problem to have, with only one solution of course.

You have to buy another guitar..........[wink]


This one was the option I've missing. I've got 57 Classics in my Trad and 339 but with the 339 being semi hollow there is a different sound there. The SG has 490/498. My Strat has whatever came stock in 2000, whatever those are they're staying in. I did try some DiMarzio Area pickups but decided I liked stock better. And my Tele has Twisted Tele/ Nocaster pickups which I really like. But I was missing the P90. Not anymore ☺️

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P90's do just about everything extremely well...

My P90 Guitars,  a Gibson LP Special, Epi. Lennon Revolution Casino, Epi. 50th Anniv. 1961 Casino with Tremotone & a Peerless '65 Casino with Bigsby.. I have the new USA Tea Burst Epi. Casino ordered.. 

I also have a Gibson Bozeman Masterbilt Solid Top J-160E...

I also have a Fender AV 65 Jazzmaster & a Fender Squier J Mscis Jazzmaster. Both very P90ish.... 

Love them P90's!

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