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Elitist Custom with China Serial?


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45 minutes ago, bobouz said:

Unfortunately, someone is trying to pull something shady.

That's what I thought. The guy couldn't answer my questions, didn't seem very knowledgable on the guitar and wasn't asking much for it.

I decided to check it out again. It was sitting in a vintage Gibson case (authentic 70's case). The guitar is a solid body, wine red, grover tuners, looks like Epi 57 pickups.

Weird part, the headstock had a "CustomElitist" tag and the pick guard has a faded "Custom Elitist" print on it. Looks like somebody probably replaced them?

Looks like it's a LP Pro Top, serial is a 2005 serial. 

Anyway, gave the guy a low ball offer (mainly wanted the case)... he took it.




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2005 was when the Gibson Qingdao factory in China opened, building Epiphone Electrics and the serial number starting with EE would be correct for that era. Elite and Elitist guitars were only built in Japan, as far as I know.

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The headstock will tell you, as far as I know there isn't a elite with a normal epiphone headstock. They either have a gibson style, or a  thinner gretsch style with a bump on the top.

The custom wasn't offered in that flame top and had different binding.Also the pick guard isnt off a custom elite, they were black.

It could be a flame top elite, but they weren't offered in wine red. Also its almost impossible given the serial number, Japan wouldn't put a China number on.

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