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Les Paul HP 2 pickups question


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So I have a 2018 Les Paul HP 2, and so far it is an insanely versatile guitar with its coil tap/split, inner and outer coil switching, in/out of phase switching as well as the DIP switches in the body. 

However, I have been thinking about making some modifications to the guitar, and part of those are the pickups.

So my question is:
Is it possible to remove the HP2's pickups and use any if not most passive humbuckers instead, given the features that work with the stock rhythm pro and lead pro plus pickups

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What don't you like about the stock pickups?    keep in mind these are all quick connect setups, and probably not a lot of wiggle room for a easy swap.

Depending on what you choose to change them out with, you'd risk loosing the coil cutting, and all that stuff that you seem to like as well as the voicing stuff in the dip switches.  So you'd really have to make sure the new pups are totally compatible, or be you would have ok with going with a more standard set of wiring completely  I've traveled down similar roads before, and found myself looking at a cascade of circumstance, that at the end of that road, wishing I'd left things alone.

If you love the sound, I'd leave it be.  This is my 2 cents here only, but if it's a mod for the sake of making a mod, I will use an ancient proverb.... if it aint broke, don't fix it.

but hey man  it's your guitar, and your dough, I'd just need to fully know what I was getting involved with.


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I am a little surprised about changing pickups in a guitar like that.  To me, honestly, you may even want to consider just selling it.  There is a lot going on electronically in it.  If you do decide to sell it later on, buyers won't pay as much for an altered guitar as they would an unaltered one.  Just a thought ... 

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