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Is this legit? gibson les paul custom plus

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Hi everyone,

I'm Nicolò and i'm going to buy a les paul custom plus of 1993, but I'm not sure if it is legit ( maybe a fake, a conversion or ... )

There are some modifications on the guitar, a third pickup, nickel hardware etc...

My dubts:

The logo, B and O not open

The block inlay, are not centered with frets

What do you think?

Thank you

Photos https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1e7guEYo47WhYpYfQ07vMznLVCvwxOoug

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Not sure about the serial number. There aren't any online serial number lookup websites for Gibson Customs. On the one hand, I have a '93 Gibson Nighthawk that has an 8 digit serial number so it looks correct from that point of view, on the other hand, I was under the impression that Gibson Custom Shop serial numbers were different from 'standard' Gibson models so I don't know. All I can say is, it seems 'off' to me so if I were thinking about buying it, I would get in touch with Gibson and give them the serial number and see what they say. Obviously, present circumstances mean you probably won't get a response very soon.

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