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Bill Withers Passed Away


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As his family announced in a statement, Bill Withers died aged 81 from heart desease last Monday: 


R.I.P. Bill and thank you for the music you gave to the world. 

As a tribute to Bill here are two links, one with his song "Who Is He (And What Is He To You)" sung by himself, and another one with the same song performed as a psychedelic soul piece by Creative Source, one of my favourite cover songs of all time: 



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Yes I read this. 

Someone on youtube commented that he didn't have a single bad song -  or something like that - and it's true. 

Great voice, great songwriter; what they call 'old school' now.  Sure we all heard "Lovely Day" (and even played it?)  too many times, but his stuff was always quality writing and singing, direct from the heart and so much soul.   Instantly identifiable voice;  6 or 7 songs have been engraved into my musical memories of the 70s. 

R.I.P. Bill and thanks for letting me lean on your music.

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'Ain't No Sunshine' is one of my favorite songs.

Story goes that when Bill first demoed it that he hadn't completed the lyrics so he improvised with the "I know, I know, I know'.

Everyone loved it and told him to leave it just like that.

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