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Tone Differences OJ, AJ, SJ


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11 minutes ago, jw3571 said:

I'm considering a few of the new 2020 models.  What are the tone differences between the Advanced Jumbo, Original Jumbo, and Southern Jumbo?  Is there a ton of overlap between the 3?  

I’ve played all three of those.


The OJ is perpetual rumble (it has a massive neck)

The AJ and SJ are very similar I’d say they sounded really glassy and not muddy at all.

But the SJ is short scale vs Long Scale on the AJ.The necks on both of these didn’t feel massive (at least to me) .




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18 minutes ago, jw3571 said:

Okay thanks, then how does the Southern Jumbo fit in with those?

Rose wood or Mahogany?   I compare the SJs close to the J45s of the equal eras  . Just with a little more projection. 

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I own the ltd. edition 2013 OJ and AJ. Haven't played the new ones yet.

The difference between these two made me purchase both. The OJ has the warmth of a big body Mahogany guitar, but very balanced tone. The neck is massive, but very comfortable for me. I have big hands and I love the V shape of these OJ's. It is great for Fingerpicking, Slide playing and strumming.  

The AJ has a deeper (more) bass and it responds quicker than the OJ. Due to the long scale and RW B&S it has more clarity. I play a lot with bare fingers and love both of them for fingerpicking. Strumming is equal, but the AJ is for sure much better for flat picking. The AJ is louder than the OJ and projects better.  The neck on my AJ is my absolute favorite neck shape, it is deep, wide enough but slimmer than the OJ. 

I don't know the SJ with RW. But I had a J45 Legend and I like the OJ much more than I even liked my Legend J45. I sold the J45 shortly after I purchased the OJ. The OJ had more of everything the J45 had. 

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