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Hi all..

Just wondering if there are any experts out there who can give me some insight into a 1995 SG standard I just bought. the serial number says it was manufactured in 95 but I cant find any similar looking guitars online. It feels like it has a finish similar to a Faded SG i had a few years back but the trapezoid inlays/bindings on the neck make me believe it is a standard.

Anyways, I still think its a beautiful guitar,  It is actually in great condition considering it is 25 years old... It would just ease my mind a bit to know a little more about it..  Gibson.com has a legacy page to search old models but I think it only goes back to 2015, im just looking for something similar,  just a brief description/rundown of specs and the particular finishes they offered that year.

any help is appreciated!



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There were SG Standards made with faded finishes.  I am not the expert in what was made year by year, but there is nothing that jumps out out at me as being wrong.  That being said, there are much smarter fellows in these forums about such things than me.  

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