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I need help with pickups

Mike CT

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I have a 2017 Les Paul Standard and a 2019 SG (the 2019 with white binding and the slim taper neck) that I put a 498T into, and I run them through a Marshall DSL 40CR amp.   I love playing Classic metal/Hard Rock (Maiden, Priest, Metallica Crue, Kix, Guns, Megadeth, Ratt) and also modern country (Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, etc.) as crazy as that seems.  I only play in my basement at night when the family is asleep so that is the backdrop.

i am really happy with the 490R/498T in my SG but am also open to suggestions here.  My Les Paul has Burstbucker Pro pickups and feel like I want a different pickup in here that could hit the metal but sound great with the less gain country.   I have been thinking something like JB/59 or JB/Jazz or a Super Distorion and something Demario in the neck (not sure what).

My questions are:

1) with the Marshall with the various higher gain settings is this even necessary?

2) is anyone familiar with the burstbucker pro+ that is on the new Les Paul modern’s?  I have considered selling my 2017 to get the black graphite finish and am wondering if this is hotter close to the territory of the pickups I am looking at.  I am kind of growing old of the Cherry burst finish every though it is gorgeous, and leaning toward black.




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1} I would say so. BB Pros, IMHO, don't sound very good distorted. There's something tinny in their sound that I just don't get along with. But that's me. 

They're pretty sweet for leads, but they don't do crunchy rhythm guitar very well, in my opinion. YMMV. 

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I would tend to disagree with Pinch and Kidblast in this case, but maybe for different reasons.  You say you like to play heavy metal and I think your SG with the 490R and 498T through that Marshall should be great for those tones - all the distortion and gain you could ask for.  I had the 490R and 498T in a Les Paul for several years, and it could do dirty very well.

I also have a 2017 Standard with the Burstbucker Pros in it, and I find that guitar to be super clean, and bright which should be ideal for your other country genre you like to play.   If you take those BB Pros out of the LP and put some crunchy distortion friendly pickups in it, where are you going to get the sweet, clean clear tones for the country music?  You'd have two guitars with similar gritty tones, none for the clean stuff. 

Stick with what you have - you have the best of both worlds now!

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That is a good point and funny enough, it’s what I’ve been doing now that I think of it.  I love the SG and typically grab that first for metal (it’s a 2019 Standard and I swapped out the 490T for a 498T), and I tend to grab the LP for anything  below classic metal.


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The 490R & 498T are great Pickups.. They most everything well. The other Pickups I think may be even better are the Gibson MHS Pickups..

I've found a few keepers. A Gibson Vintage Sunburst Memphis ES335 with MHS, a 90's Heritage Cherry Gibson LP Std. Plus with 490R & 498T & a 2014 Gibson Memphis Blacktop ES LP with MHS Ppickups. 

To finally settle on these Guitars I played numerous Gibsons. Solid, Hollow & Semi Hollow & those 2 Sets of Pickups IMO sound very close to the Original PAF Humbuckers that were in my Vintage 1959 Gibson ES345... Which was the best sounding Guitar I've ever heard. The PAF Humbucker Pickups on it sounded amazing!

The other thing I suggest is addressing your Guiitars overall Set up.. Not just the Action but from the Tuners to the Bridge & everything in between fine tuning everything including the Pickups adjustment...

Good luck..

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