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Epiphone Casino Coupe hard case


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I just purchased a new Epiphone Casino Coupe , the dealer was not able to supply me with a hard case. I have searched and cannot find a suitable case for this instrument. I live in Australia so ideally would like to buy one here.

I have  seen it said online that a 339 case will fit, others say it won't fit properly, if I'm going to buy a case I need one that fits properly.

Any suggestions welcome



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What about a Wildkat case?   I think the Coupe is about the same size as a Wildkat.  My Wildkat measures 13.75” at the lower bout, 10.25” at the upper bout, and the body of the guitar is 17.75” long.  Total length from strap button to top of the headstock is just shy of 40”.   

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The Epiphone Casino Coupe is a slightly reworked 339 P90 Pro...

The main differences are the Dog Ear P90's, tuners, hardware finishes and Traditional Casino style Trapeze Tailpiece where the 339 uses a StopBar..



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On 4/17/2020 at 2:27 PM, PeteMarko said:

Thank you, that is useful information, they are very close siblings.

I received my Epiphone Casino Coupe/E-339 Hardshell Case a few days ago, from The Music Zoo with free shipping . Its a very plush and very nice case..


Currently there is also a Casino Coupe/ES-339 EpiLIte soft case.

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