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Bigsby licensed B30


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Hello all,

After much waffling about, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered an Emperor Swingster Royale from Sweetwater. Hopefully it'll be here by week's end. 

Pretty much my only concern with this guitar lies with the vibrato. I once had a Gretsch with a Bigsby licensed vibrato - it might have even been the B30. I found the vibrato with it's nylon bushings quite off-putting.

Is there some kind of kit available to upgrade the B30 with higher quality bushings? I do like that this one comes with the Chet Atkins style bar, rather than the over large paddle, so there's that.




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I had one just like picture, there was really nothing wrong with the Bigsby.  I would think I'd have noticed some difference in that to the other Guitars I have with original USA ones. (3  USA Gibsons)  Give it a chance as is, you may be fine.

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Received it yesterday and after tuning and checking intonation, spent some time with it. TBH I was so impressed with fit and finish I didn’t even think to look at the vibrato bushings.

My wife called it “stunning “ and I have to agree.

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Glad you like it, like Kid says and you now feel, these bigsby are fine. I have 3 'import' bigsbyed guits, no problems. They're not for dive bombs.

Dont worry you got the wrong one, you will ALWAYS still want the other one as well, it affects us all.


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