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LP standard unburst variant?


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I just bought this great guitar yesterday, Does anybody else have a recent les Paul standard (my serial number is December 2019) with a plastic coloured guitar input? 

on the Gibson website and Promo video, the input jack area is silver to match the tuners and they make a point of it, but mine isn’t and just wondered why?

is it a case of having none left and then just fitting whatever one they had at the time or have they changed it from silver.


I don’t mind as it looks nice all the same.







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Where are you getting your info? It’s always been cream jack plate cover. 



I’ve never seen anything stating it was the chrome jack plate cover. 

edit: and here is a screenshot of the promo video.  I magnified the jack. 


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Added picture of promo video.
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Cream plastic is more historically authentic, but metal is less fragile. My 2016 Standard came with a chrome one, my 2015 LPM came with black plastic, but it broke, so I replaced it with a black metal one.

If you're going to use a plastic one, always use a cable with an angled jack, it'll put less stress on the jack plate.

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