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Worked in music stores since 1978, played since 1962


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My first decent bass guitar back in 1972 was a Gibson EB-3.  I played it through the '80s and it served me very well. This one had the tuning machines designed like the classical guitar style, with cutouts in the head stock. Can't remember why I sold it, you all probably know what I mean. This instrument was very well constructed, perfectly adjustable truss rod in the neck, intonation was adjustable within the proper range, and the neck was attached at the correct "rake" so as to allow the action to be adjusted at any height one could ask for. Since then I have looked at quite a few EB-3s and have never found one as good yet. I guess I was lucky mine was made on a good day at the factory.

Since I have worked so much in music stores, there are a few items I have acquired and one is a Gibson foot switch. After searching the internet today it looks to belong to a Gibson GTS-70 but, I can't be absolutely sure. So here I am on a forum where you members may have the knowledge to inform me. It looks like the one in this photo I found online. Hope it uploads.

Gibson GTS 70 amp (foot switch).pdf

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Welcome aboard.  Sorry I can’t provide you with any useful information.  You may  want to post to the Gibson Amps forum.   You’ll probably get more responses there.  Good luck.

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