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Jimmy Fortune on a J-45

Dave F

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A Good day to post this up, I believe. As a non-facebooker (?), the video had trouble playing- had to use another browser. It seemed almost like he'd made this greeting for friends and family, and not for guitar nerds. In either case, that is one powerful set of vocal pipes he's packing.

He did get around to talking about the guitar- and he genuinely seemed honored to be presented with one of the Buddy Holly project guitars.

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4 hours ago, Dave F said:

I became a big fan of his when he joined the Statler Brothers about 40 years ago. I’ve seen him in concert. At 65, his voice doesn’t seem to be loosing anything. He’s one of my wife’s favorites. 

Jimmy is a heck of a lot younger than the original Statlers.

I've had a love/hate relationship with the Statlers for about 50 years. Like many people my age, my introduction to them was the hit single "Flowers on the Wall" in 1966 (Jimmy Fortune was only 11 years old then, so he's not responsible for that one.)

In 1966, I was into the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan, and every kind of folk music under the sun.

The Statler Brothers didn't fit for me then, as much as I love Gospel harmony. I can appreciate them more today.

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