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On 4/10/2020 at 12:27 AM, dc3c46 said:

Is there a chance that Gibson will bring out the ES137 and 137Custom again?

I missed to buy one when they were available.

Gibson rarely re-issues discontinued gits especially those that are not "vintage"  The Midtown was a rare example of a fairly recent model re-issue that bean counters saw the HUGE response to them discontinuing them.

Think to the longest term gits in their catalog, the 335, 330, 175.  Just about every success story from them started with a single model, and as they gained traction they released variants. 

I have a 137C and I think Gibson floated too many 135/137 models, colors and options at the same time diluting the audience. If they had picked ONE, it may have had time to gain a following and options could follow. Hey what do I know, they didn't ask me :-)

While no longer cheap, 135's and 137's are still out there in nice condition, many were closet queens. 







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6 hours ago, Lungimsam said:

Looks just like a Byrdland

well they are a bit different in many ways, especially one with the Venetain cutaway.


Here is one with a Florentine 


here's my ES-135 which was the model the ES-137 was based on.  The biggest change was the 135s cam stock with trapeze tail piece, the 137 added a standard ABR / Stop bar confifg.





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