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No more W&W straps for the UK


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I bought a couple of Walker & Williams straps last year. Very happy with them. I even like them better than the Heistercamp ones.

Royal Mail and uk customs are the only problem, the excessive fees have also stopped me buying StewMac stuff now. 

Anyway I thought I'd try and get another W&W strap but found this on their website:


Okay, that’s it. No more shipping to the UK

Posted on December 18, 2019 by Greg Loeb

I’m sorry but we’re going to stop shipping to the UK altogether. The duties and other fees are just insane. They really, really don’t want you buying stuff from the US.

Every day we send straps all over the world without problems, but when we ship to the UK it’s a problem every time. The postage is very high and then there will be fees and VAT and duties that are just as much as the postage. And then you’re going to get mad at us. So let’s just call a time-out for now.

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2 hours ago, Lungimsam said:

So who makes guit straps in the UK?

maybe Brooks Cycling saddle co will start.


Yes we got em. Some are expensive, some are not so good. Most of them are boring. 


I began on ebay uk, because a fellow there is supplying W&W straps to the uk and quotes `No additional import charges on delivery'. but when you try to checkout additional undisclosed import charges are automatically added and the price leaps up by another lump. Its better than nothing, but bottom line is I don't trust Royal Mail. I feel they will still not deliver and hold the package for ransom (their handling fees etc). 







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If it helps, I can't afford the shipping on W&W straps here either, Merciful Evans. 

Now, that said, my neighbor lady has offered to give me some straps by an outfit she calls 'S&M'.

I don't know if they are a company that is trying to compete with W&W, but she seems quite mad for them. 



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1 hour ago, uncle fester said:

Was trying to think how you could overcome this obstacle.  I think the best I can offer is I'll order a couple and test them out for you here.  When you get around to it, you're more than welcome to come by and pick them up.  ...just west of boston.

Right, I once took you up on a similar offer and I ended up locked in your basement receiving a leather strap!! It felt like a scene from Pulp Fiction! 

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