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2007 Gibson J-185 TV?


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Hi all! 

I just picked up a 2007 J-185 which I believe to be a true vintage but wanted to confirm with those more wise than myself. The serial number dates it to Feb 2, 2007. It has the orange label (which just says J-185), the brown/pink case, bone nut and saddle. The paperwork in the case has the model number J88V v9 NHI

Any assistance on where to verify, or where to find out if any other J-185 versions were even in production at that time would be much appreciated.



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Congrats on the '185TV- the focused, clear bass that  the '185's can have was a welcome surprise on the 2007 I got in from a small run of natural-finished ones that were ordered for the Japanese market. That particular '07 has no mention of TV on the orange soundhole label, but it does have the serial stamped on the headstock back, but as an export model, it also is stamped Made in the USA. You could try sending an email to Gibson customer service with that model number, J88V v9 NHI... that should get you some answers in a day or so, if there's anyone working presently.

The tan/pink case is a likely clue, as well as the absence of factory electronics. Hopefully, Fred, a forum member will see your post and reply. I thought his forum name was J-1854me, but that i.d. shows as not being active since 2009. Fred is a great source of J-185 info, though. 

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