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On the disappeared decoy Gibson 200 thread- just one more thing...


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8 hours ago, slimt said:

They got that headstock moved back so it doesnt snap from string tension. 

The angle in the photo of the two above looked less severe than on the Gibson. . .  did it even have a scarf joint? Had a volute around back, though.


5 hours ago, E-minor7 said:

Had the same zoom'n'thought, , , and actually kind of liked the fakers choice. . 

yes, but it might complicate nut changes, and might even crack there, if it's not, already. The grain on the back looked nice, but was it more flat sawn than quarter sawn?


Is the compensated saddle reversed? And- that is a sharply pointed pickguard:


1 hour ago, kidblast said:

so he deleted his own post or..????


Thinking it might've gotten yanked because of a link leading to where to buy counterfeits.

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13 hours ago, Morkolo said:



Holy crap, it's a sad day when a counterfeiter can make their pickguard stick down better than the one on my Hummingbird.

well you already used one of the definitive qualifiers,, "Crap"...  that's what that Pickgaurd looks like to me..

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