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Gibson SG neck and 57 classics. ???


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I'd like to ask if Gibson's 61' 2019 slim taper neck profile is the same feel with Gibson's LP 60s BB ??? I am asking that cause our local store has not Gibson Reissue and i want to feel the neck of it.

Last question i am not a Gibson (yet lol) owner and i've never used a classic 57s pickup. Many of you have praised them and i really want to play with them.  Problem is i can't find any guitar in the store  with these pickups except few Gibson 2018 Modern HP Standard. They have 57 Classic, Super 57 Classic. I checked in Thomannn but it had many versions and i'd really appreciate if you could enlighten me , which of these models are the classic 57s everyone is using and praising.  The available pickups i see are : 1) Gibson 57 Classic Vintage NC , 2) Gibson 57 Classic Plus NC and 3) Gibson 57 Classic Plus Zebra.

Which pickups are you using in your SG ? Only available i see in an SG are 490T/R and 61T/R .

Thank you ! 

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