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Gibson Les Paul fretboard inlet fell off


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Dear all,

I hope everyone is well.
Just joined this community. I am the owner of a 2016 Les Paul Traditional model purchased new in 2017. Today the 7th fret inlet fell off. Just like that. Not sure what happened. I recently did use some Dunlop string cleaner on a regular basis. Could that be cause? Or the heat? It can get quite hot in Thailand. Should I just glue it back myself? I purchased the guitar in Australia and I am currently based in Thailand.

Thank you in advance for the suggestions.

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I assume you are speaking of the fretboard inlay.

Dunlop string cleaner? I know it has oil in it. That's about all I do know about it. 

While I personally avoid oil content products on untreated wood, many players use them without any problems. The general advice though is to use it sparingly; not frequently. 

Since inlays on guitars of this age should be laser cut, its surprising that you've had this problem. The fit should be perfect. Temperature change however, is a likely culprit I suspect.

How is the humidity? Do you check it? Could the guitar be under or over hydrated?


As for a solution. I see no reason why you couldn't glue it back in place. However, I am not an expert! Nor would I know what glue to advise. Good luck.

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