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That was cool- to see them in (presumably) their own places, trying to present a song and sharing as many of us have tried to do, or have thought about the limitations of trying to do lately, over the internet. Mick and Ron def trying to make it work, Both Keith (just had to have a glass in the shot) and Charlie playing along with the idea. 

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Yeah ^ saw the whole show live. Seriously lost internet-connection yesterday evening, so it saved my mood. 

Stones were good there, Paul went abstractos over Lady Madonna,  some of the new people were fine, , , Taylor Swift pretty amazing, , , and amazingly pretty. 

Alcohol ? , , , , I try to keep it down to normal - which is pretty sparse. Then again bein' some sort of purist, the Acoustic Monk knows the ways of asceticism, , , and the freedom within it. . 

remain sharp'n'disciplined  - reward will surely come

tune - pick  and tune again 

strum - strum - strum 


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Very catchy tune! It is sticking already! And spreading quicker than the virus.

We got an email earlier with the release announcement.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well…

As you may know, the Rolling Stones had been in the recording studio working on new music before the lockdown and one particular track they’ve been working on – ’Living In A Ghost Town’ – really resonates with what we’re living through right now, so they wanted to share it with you.

Recorded in LA, London and in isolation.









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