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dating a les paul

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Good morning,

I seem to have found some unwanted time on my hands now so I was on the Internet and found this forum. I’m glad I did I own a late 1960s Les Paul gold top deluxe and I’m trying to get the date that it was made and how. I’ve been told different things About the date and I’m wondering if the Gibson forum can help and, if so, what to do to? Thanks in advance



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The serial number tells part of the story, as do physical features. One helpful thing is the date codes on the volume and tone pots. Open the cavity and look for stamped numbers beginning with 137 or 304 (typically). The next two digits are the year and the final two digits are the week of that year. That will tell you when that component was made, and know the guitar could have been built a few days, weeks, or months afterwards. In some strange cases, directly attributable to someone ordering too many pots, the same date code can cover several years.... 

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I also have a 1969 Les Paul Deluxe. I bought it used in 1973. It has a one piece body (not pancake) & no “MADE IN USA” stamp on the back of the headstock. 1969 was the first year for the LP Deluxe.

This site is also great for dating Late Sixties LP's            http://www.latesixtieslespauls.com/


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