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Es 390 with p90


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Look for loose screws, pickguard placement, jack, pickups, etc.  It also might be related to the saddle, string seating, a wire resting against the body, and so on.

You pretty much have to go through the guitar piece by piece.

Best of luck in finding it!

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I tried one briefly when I bought my 339. I thought it was another 339 until I picked it up off the hanger. 

I loved the light weight immediately. I think this one had mini humbuckers though. I didnt plug it in. Months after having bought the 339 I did find a EPI Casino Coupe though, which is the EPI version. Now I am not a great fan of P90s, but I thought they sounded very much better on a hollowbody.


So yes, I'd certainly have a 390, but not to gig. I only ever tried to gig the Casino Coupe once. It was a low volume intimate jazz gig. It did fine clean, but as soon as I tried add some minimal FX, feedback occurred & I had to revert to clean again.

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The 390 is a hollow Body. The 339 is Semi Hollow Body. Hence the weight difference.. Either should sound as good as a 335, Casino or an LP. But, they don't. At least to my ears.. 

The ES Les Paul's sound good though.. P90's or HB's.. Why they're discontinued is a mystery to me?

Casino's with Gibson USA P90's were & are my choice for a P90 F hole hollow body Guitar.. You can't go wrong with a good Casino..

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