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Neck profile LP custom re68


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Hi all

     I’m having LP custom plus 1992 and I simply love it because playability and good resonance. Now, I’m looking for additional one, may be the same or  similar. I came across many LP custom Re68 (2001-2007) I have a question below, please help to advice

- what exactly the neck profile for re68

- for Re68 is there any difference in neck across different year/Color. I heard som owner said the neck is thick, some says it’s slim 60

- what’s the different in neck profile between LP custom plus(1992) to LP custom Re68 (2001-2007)

- any specific year for Re68 to recommend ?

- any recommendation for LP custom with flame top (preferably honey burst). I prefer slimmer neck or similar to 1992 LP custom plus I have


many thanks for your advice





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The Les Paul CUSTOM '68 Re-issue definitely has a Medium CHUNKY 'C' Neck profile. ITS MASSIVE.I was going to buy one but got a better price on a new 2019 Les Paul CUSTOM VOS Black-Beauty and it has the same neck profile and it is HUGE !.........I tell ya this seriously, THE NECK ON MY NEW 2019 LESTER IS A MONSTER ! It is solid as a ROCK, the neck relief was Dead Straight when I got it ....... I set it at .008" @ 8Th Fret..........it hasn't budged !...The Mahagony Neck w/EBONY FRET-Board  w/Mother-of-Pearl In-Lays.........it is a work of ART ! It really is, I'm blown away by it.......and the NECK is, did I mention? HUGE !!!

I have a Les Paul Standard from 2017, really BAD-A$$ Guitar w/BB Pro P-Up's and that has the Slim-Taper '60's profile neck and it is nothing like the  2019 CUSTOM MEDIUM CHUNKY 'C' neck. The 2017 Lester's neck seems a bit wimpy to me now that I am playing the CUSTOM. But weird enough is the fact that all the SLIM-TAPER Gibson necks I have are different in size depending on the model Guitar. Example: The Slim-Taper neck on my '17 Lester Standard is fatter than the Slim-Taper neck on my 2018 FIREBIRD T (Standard) to the point that the FIREBIRD  feels like a twig. BUT, DGMW, the FIREBIRD neck is awesome. W/the Granadillo FB w/Trap In-Lays and the Rolled-Binding, I tell ya, its the finest neck I've ever had on a Standard, Slim-Taper or not  !

You actually may have a difficult time playing/getting used to the CHUNKY Neck, my hand cramps up after 45 minutes and the weight of the Guitar cuts off the blood circulation in my arm after an hour, sometimes sooner! My other GIBSON Standards all have Slim-Taper necks and its weird as the 2018 FIREBIRD T has the thinest neck I have ever owned, while the Lester from 2017 w/Slim Taper Neck is considerably thicker than the FIREBIRD.....

The LP Custom I got is an 'Exclusive' to zZounds . com and is the only 2019 LP Custom, besides '57 & '68 re-issue's, that has CUSTOM-BUCKER P-Up's, I got mine for 1/2 the price of the '57...and it is BAD-A$$

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