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1932 L-O bridge

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As jedzep says, if this guitar has the 1.75" nut, the bridge should be 1" x 6", with 2 3/8" pin spacing. The bridge is not constant thickness. The flat part of the top (as compared to the lower scalloped ends) is 8mm (.315") thick at the center of the low E pin, and 6mm (.236") thick at the center of the high E. If you will PM me with your email address, I can send high-resolution photos.

The tricky part will be to get the intonation right with a new bridge, particularly if the one on there now is not original. I would certainly check the intention with the bridge/saddle you have now to figure out where to start with the saddle placement in the new bridge. 

Replacing a bridge is usually a luthier job for that reason.

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My luthier/friend has mad a couple BRW  replacements for me. The first one was for a '42 LG1. The original one had been shaved, drilled, plugged and reslotted. He offer to rebuild it but I decided to just keep it for the next owner and put a new one on.

Banner LG1



Here's the new one

42 LG1



Here's the old  and new one for the '42 J45

42 J45




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