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Make your own custom SG! ...well, come close at least.


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Pohatu771 mentioned a site in a thread on the LP forum where you can put together your own custom guitar design. The link is HERE, there's a lot of cool stuff you can put on it, tons of pups, trem systems (w/a few Bigsbys), burst finishes, etc.


Here's mine:




Triple burst with 2 P-90s and a PAF, Bigsby, and LP Custom style neck.


C'mon guys, show us the SG of your dreams =D>

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Of course since they didn't have the long-Maestro option (and I didn't care for the set-back of the short one on there), I had to go with the Mick Taylor model:



And of course the ba$tard-hybrid of "G" and "F" that I think would be a great versatile instrument:



And lastly, a 'Bird of a different sort just for kicks:



Wow, I wasted 20 minutes playing on that thing...lol



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