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Little Frustrations


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Since being at home I have lately  been running into a few "little frustrations " around the place.

I live in an apartment. And on Thursday afternoon, after the temperature got to be too much for me, I turned on the AC. Well, much to my disappointment I found it did not work.

It was blowing out warm air out of all the vents. I was not happy. I called for help. Was told it would be Monday. I tried turning on the AC Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Did not work.

This morning I thought I would give it a try. It is working now!

And the repairman will be here in a few minutes.

And I bet it doesn't work this afternoon when I need it.

But it is working right at the moment.

After having not worked for 4 days!

Don't you hate it when that happens!!!!!!![cursing]

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9 minutes ago, ghost_of_fl said:

Central air or a window unit?   If window unit, remove filter and clean it.  Let it dry before you use it again.  Weird that it didn't work but then it did. 

I finally have central air after all these years and just waiting for it to get warm enough to use it. 


And yeah, I know I should be happy it is working. I just don't understand why it IS working now. And was not before.

And I bet it goes bad again when I really need it. Isn't that how it usually works!?

It always works when the repairman looks at it. And then he thinks you're nuts for calling him!

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41 minutes ago, Big Bill said:

Do you realize how many children in Africa would love to have your AC problem?  Now go finish your milk!

I looked up the population of  Africa. It is 1.216 billion.

So I'm guessing ..... A LOT!!!!!![sad]

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39 minutes ago, uncle fester said:

If it did work, and then didn't, and then did again - i would expect it to stop working again.  A new guitar should fix it though, or at least make it manageable.

You are correct sir! Why didn't I think of that![smile]

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Rubber gloves and masks, the new cigarette butts.  Jesus Christ people are fukking pigs, and we're all supposed to just go on back out there and hang out with scumbags that just throw theirshit everywhere.  


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