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Lately I have noticed there has been NO response to my posts. I may be doing something wrong.  I have had response before but now there is nothing. Weird ! I write about real life instances associated with Gibson guitars and player responses, but no feedback one way or another.  One such post was about advice from so called experts giving their opinions about what brand of guitars are suitable for beginners. I thought for sure I would get some opinions ,and may not get an answer here. Oh well, If I can't get through or am doing something wrong, I will leave this site and not continue to bore anyone longer. If this post makes it through, I would appreciate a response and notification to it's existence.

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You have precisely one topic that no-one has replied to. And that could be for a multitude of reasons; maybe people didn't feel the need to comment beyond what you posted, maybe no-one felt there was any worth in discussing it further. That's the nature of forums; sometimes people will find a topic engaging, sometimes they won't. I wouldn't take it so personally. It doesn't help that this is a fairly low traffic'ed site anyway, so there aren't many pairs of eyes looking at stuff to begin with. it's easy for things to get lost, missed or otherwise ignored.

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I’ve posted on this site for years and have started quite-a-few threads on subjects I was interested in..  Sometimes I get lots of responses, sometimes a few, and there have been times I got none.  Everyone is different.   What’s important to me or you is not necessarily important or even interesting to someone else.  I don’t comment on every thread.  Some I don’t even read, because the title doesn’t interest me.  For example——threads about strings, bridges, fret wear, and tuners I often just pass-them-by.  Not because I’m trying to be rude or don’t like the person who started the thread, but because I’m usually not interested.>.......Anyway, if you haven’t yet, try posting in the “Acoustic” section.  Lots of folks hang-around there.......This is a good site.  Keep posting and commenting on threads.

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