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Black Dog

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3 minutes ago, tjdjr1 said:

The guitar player respectfully covers Kossoff... Tone and vibrato very close...Tasty !


I thought he pulled it off pretty good too.  I like his style too.  No fuss, just business.   If you walked into a joint and saw him you might think he's the bouncer.

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Well god DAM.  I am a guitar player that  plays all night, anything, garbage, I don't care, to get to Alright Now.  We pride ourselves on our Alright Now, any band I'm in that does that one*.  THAT was just spankatcular.  Paul Rodgers and a mic stand.  DAM that was nice, Thank You for that!


*Kossoff played it the riff like 5, 6 different ways through the recording, which is not surprising considering his condition most of the time.  He didn't even know how he did it!  I stay at the 2nd fret for the riff, I use the one riff he did the most and that the proles recognize most**.  This guy moved it up to the 5th for the refrain part of the riff.  I might do that now and again!

**I knew a guy that was a surveyor by day, just dangerous guitar player by night.  He used to do it EXACTLY like the recording, proud of himself.  Used to just slay me when we did that song, he'd do it exact, mistakes and all, next night I'd do it my way.  I was always humbled by his accuracy.

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Kossoff is one of my all time favourite guitar players, what he plays is not really technically difficult, it's just the feel & touch that he puts into it.  To me Free were a far better band than Bad Company.

Paul's demise was tragic and I think robbed us of some great music that I believe he could have produced, but we'll never know. 

Years ago my Wife had some dealings with Paul Kossoff's father, David, himself a famous actor here in the UK, I think in the sixties or seventies, because he spent the rest of his life giving talks to schoolchildren about the damage drugs cause (She was helping to arrange one such talk). David always carried a lock of Paul's hair and one of his plectrums with him.   

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On 4/29/2020 at 4:58 AM, saturn said:

Paul has either taken great care of himself or has some good genes. Probably both. He  still looks and sounds incredible.  


He was 68 at the time of that show.  He does look well preserved.  I think he looks a lot like Chuck Norris.  I remember reading somewhere that he trained in JKA Karate.  Now I can only find some vague references to that on the internet so I'm not sure if it's true or not.  

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Great performance all the way around,  brings back memories of my misspent youth, I saw Free August 22, 1969, 

They were the first act,  followed by Delaney,  Bonnie and Friends (with Leon Russell and most of the Mad Dogs, from Cockers Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour) then Blindfaith,  ,

But it was the 90 min jam with all three groups after Blindfaith finished that is still a legend to those who saw those shows the three bands did. 

The police finally cut the power to the stage at 1:45am (show started at 7:00pm. 

One of the few things I did right in my wild days...

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