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2013 Les Paul Studio 50’s Tribute


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Hey there,

 I just got my hands on a used 2013 Studio 50’s Tribute and I am wondering if anyone on the forums has any experience with this model. I can’t find a lot about it on the internet and from what I’ve seen they are somewhat rare on the resale market.   It’s a little beat up but it plays and sounds great (after a set up). 
Any opinions on upgrading the bridge and tail to ABR-1 and vintage-style aluminum?   This guitar has a cool vintage vibe and I’m wondering if anyone more knowledgeable can tell me if they’ve done these upgrades, what parts used and if they are worth it. 

Thanks for reading!Golden_for_web.thumb.jpg.a4e9671e57b9a8cf73ad6527d87d75a1.jpg

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You can get the parts from Gibson (tailpiece $59.99, ABR-1 $69.99) or from somewhere like All Parts (tailpiece $30, bridge $40), so you're looking at between $70 and $130 and I don't think your guitar will sound or play any better.  It might look a little more historically correct, but I wouldn't consider that to be all that important.

I believe the parts that are on the guitar are used to hold the price down, as it is a "tribute", and not an historic "replica" which are thousands of dollars more.  It would not be a difficult swap and if you like modifying your guitars by all means enjoy yourself.  For me personally I wouldn't consider it worth it. 

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