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Unfinished Fretboard Heel on Gibson L-4


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14 hours ago, tomvwash said:

Is it typical that the neck heel--joint underneath as it abuts the pickup--is rough or unfinished? I'm assuming it's placed on the body as raw wood, but not sure...

If you are talking about where you take your pickup off and can see the neck joint, yes.

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 I think he is referring to the area under fretboard extension and yes this is unfinished on most archtop models with a raised fretboard.  I doubt they can buff it out with their buffing polishing methods. I will bet some higher end archtop makers have a way to finish and polish this area but it has never bothered me any more than over scraping the binding in areas. Enjoy your L-4 it's a great guitar, I sure like mine.

 Thanks john

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