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Gibson Quick Connect Pickups and 5-pin adapters


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Hi All,

I am in dire need of some help. I recently bought a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special P90 without realizing A-It had the 5-pin Gibson Quick Connect Pickups and B-I really don’t  care for P90’s. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find quick connect mini humbuckers. I decided to purchase some normal Gibson-Style wired (or at least that’s what they were advertised as) mini humbuckers Along with some adapters from eBay. I’ve tried contacting the seller of the quick connect adapters, but they won’t respond so alas I’m going to attach some pictures and see if anyone can help me out. 1st picture is of the adapter and instructions. 2nd is the listing for the pickups along with the color codes. 3rd is of how the neck pickup came wired.762A63CD-2FAA-490F-81F6-0B048969EB72.thumb.jpeg.f58ce419451956e7062cb599e1fba12e.jpeg4820998E-5408-4191-BD42-B091D337D8B1.thumb.png.b43fec5ec2f8f00de2006b4cba45b72b.png6A47AE60-C159-4CC2-B2A4-1257CB4D27F8.thumb.jpeg.4471d3f9bbd30502f7b5b7c3f4d3cb9a.jpeg

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