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I think I've finally settled in on two SGs. I loved my '06 '61 RI but the color was wrong, the neck profile was funny, the bevels weren't deep enough, and the nashville bridge looked wrong.


I snagged both of these '61 reissues on ebay in the last couple of weeks. They are both from 2001 and I have to say Gibson really put out a better guitar back then. The red looks better, the rosewood is a darker cut of wood, they have abr-1 bridges, the bevels are deeper and more sharp, and the back of the neck profile up by the headstock is thicker. I guess this is all down to personal opinion but I dig these features more. Also, the cases from this era were cooler!


One is beat up pretty well and feels like someone who knew what they were doing played it. That one weighs a pound more than all the other '61 ris I've tried and it really has a warmer sound, almost Les Paul like. It's also darkened a bit more. The lighter one is almost mint, and still has the plastic covering over the plastic back control cavity cover. The red is extremely red(doesn't show well in the pics).




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Absolutely beautiful guitars. A 61 SG is on my to-get list. I'm just curious' date=' don't take this the wrong way, but why did you want two guitars that look pretty much alike?[/quote']


I'm weird. When I played in surf bands I had 2 Fender Jaguars, then I shifted to blues/soul and had 2 Telecasters. Which turned into 3 Telecasters. I decided to sell 2 of those Telecasters to fund 2 SGs. I'd like a Les Paul but they don't fit me right, and it's hard to find a 335 in the price range of a cheap SG. So I figure these are probably the best way for me to get a reissue of a classic guitar with humbuckers. Once I got the first 2001 I realized these are really good guitars that aren't being made anymore too.

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