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How to touch up a damaged classical guitar top (1988 Epiphone C-50 with a cedar top) 


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Hi, I have a 1988 Epiphone C-50 classical guitar. I have had it for 25 years. The previous owner had cosmetically damaged the  cedar top of the guitar (which is why I got the one I did; I was 15 and could only afford it because it was damaged). 
Now, I'm trying to record Youtube videos of my original music, and the damage is visually distracting. Also, everyone will assume I'm the one that damaged my guitar, and that bugs me. So I'd like to know what I can do about improving my guitar's appearance. 
What products would be good on this type of finish, and on cedar? 
There are 2 places where I will have to fill the wood and hide the damage with decals. (I chose a design with hummingbirds, vines, and flowers.) The rest of the damage is much more minor, so all I need is some kind of product to fix the places where the varnish is slightly dinged or scratched. Those two worst places look like partial drill holes, perhaps from someone trying to mount an amp plugin it something. If I could find a piece of hardware that mounts the same way, I could use that to hide the worst damage, and I know I saw one maybe 12 years ago, but I don't think they make them anymore. (At the time, I was too busy cringing at the idea of drilling holes in the top of a perfectly good acoustic guitar to electrify it, to pay attention to the name of the hardware or manufacturer.)
I touch up furniture with a Minwax stain marker, or Old English Scratch Cover if it's stained something like mahogany or walnut. I know the scratch cover would be too dark for the cedar top. I don't want to risk using the wrong color or product. Maybe it's oil or varnish that I need, and not stain at all.
Also, is this a good method for filling the partial drill holes?
I would appreciate any advise!
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