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I ordered a Kramer Baretta Special and i want to change the machine heads for better quality but not have to drill n fill new holes any suggestions?

Also i want to change the tremelo but not trying to go to the counter sunk floyd rose...any suggestions?

Also i wanted to add locking nuts to keep it in tune...any suggestions?

Lolol i guess someone could suggest just buying a different guitar but I'm using this one to learn and want to upgrade this one. Then ill hydro dip it.

Thx. Jeff

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I *was* planning to get one of those in red, with the idea that I would then immediately replace the stock tremolo with a floyd and do some other little upgrades.
But they were always out of stock on the color I wanted, so I finally got so frustrated with waiting that I ordered a baretta special "vintage" model in red instead.
It already had the sorts of upgrades I would probably have done anyway, buuuuut it would have been a lot cheaper if I'd done it myself. lol
I think the "special" model is supposed to have a lighter body, and boy I would be glad of that, because this all-maple monster weighs a ton compared to the other guitars I've been playing recently.

Anyway, you said you weren't planning to go the counter sunk floyd rose path, but you didn't give any hints about what sort of tremolo user you are or what you are needing from a tremolo overall, so that could be helpful.
Like, me for example, I require a tremolo that you can dive *and* pull sharp. So I would have been doing the routed/countersunk version, and added a stabilizer as well.
So I always want a full range of motion on any of my trem guitars (which in my world, should be pretty much every guitar:P ) so that *if* I want to get crazy with it, the option is always available, and *if* I want to get crazy with it, I want to be able to get *REALLY* crazy with it. lol So I don't like things that are set up too conservative.
But if you like the overall floyd design, but are a player that will *only* be doing trem "dives", then you might be able to still install a floyd and either have it rest on the body, or set it up with a block (to keep it a 1 way tremolo, but without having the floyd's baseplate smacking down against the finish on the body.
Whatever way it is installed though (as in, whether you do it so that it will be "floating" or non-floating), you will still always want to mount it and set it up in such a way that base plate to end up *level* (as in parallel with the body) when it returns to it's neutral/at-rest position. That keeps all the angles and everything as-originally-intended.
And, something that may be relevant...
I don't know how the stock neck angle will be on the Special model...
But on the vintage, they set things up so that the floyd floats, but is *NOT* recessed.
In other words, they just set it up so that the floyd rides higher off the body.
That allows for the trem to still float, and still pull back to some extent.
So if you like a floating trem, but don't plan to use a d-tuna (btw, using a floater with a d-tuna requires a stabilizer and some extra work/patience AND usually extra clearance as well. D-tunas weren't designed with floating trems in mind, though it *can* be done) then you could probably set things up basically how they are on the Vintage, and might have enough room without any need for a rout.
That might require a neck shim though, it depends on your neck angle.
Basically, if you want your bridge higher off the body, but still want to maintain low string action over the neck, then the neck angle needs to be increased slightly.
Stewmac (and maybe other places as well?) sells some nice looking full cavity (so that the heal of the neck will maintain full contact with the inside floor of the neck pocket/cavity) shims that are angled, or you can make your own if you are good at working with your hands.

One thing I've been curious about, but haven't done any research on whatsoever, is the ibanez zero tremolos, which essentially have something along the lines of a built in tremolo stabilizer.

Anyway, that's all that comes to mind based on what info you provided, but if you add in details like whether you are interested in trying a completely different type of tremolo, or whether you only plan to dive with it, etc, then maybe some others can provide some more feedback.

Anywho, take care, and good luck with your project! 😄


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4 hours ago, Kramer4lyfe said:

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I play a Jackson with a floyd so i pull sharp and dive so i will be getting it routed. Great info thx again!

Cool beans, make it scream! 😉
And hey, let us know how it comes out 😄

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