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Material: Nut, Pins, Saddle


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Yeahhhh....that thread spikes many of my talking points, but it does not address the direct question.

plus...nobody wants to wade through the quagmire of the never-ending-posted-topic that you pinned.

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Sound is in the ears of the beholder,  Ive been using Antique Acoustics for years and really like them.

But I think  ( see above )  that solid pins work better than slotted. I changed all the slotted pins on my guitars

over the years I got tired of seeing curled up pins on my guitars that  I paid a lot of money for.......IMHO



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I have found mammoth ivory (it really isn't truly fossilized) to be too soft and gets grooves in the saddles quite easily.

I prefer bone saddles and nuts (elephant ivory if original to the guitar).

For bridge pins, solid unslotted pins fit properly with a slotted bridge plate.  

Antique Acoustic from Willi and Rudy in Germany or Waverly from Stew Mac.  I have found proper fit is more important than material when it comes to pins.

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