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3 hours ago, tru said:

What is the difference between a Gibson J-45 Standard Sunburst and a Gibson J-45 Standard Montana Sunburst?

a J45 standard is a J45 standard. Label print change or a truss rod cover print.   Could be the shade of the burst. 

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To my eye the standard vintage sunburst  leans a little more yellow towards the center and the Montana sunset burst leans a little more orange/red.  But they are pretty close to the same.   Here are a couple of examples I have.

2015 J-45 Custom with Vintage Sunburst 


2015 Sheryl Crow SJ with Montana Sunset Burst



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Yes, the normal burst is more brownish/yellow, while the Montana Sunset burst is more on the red/orange side. Here is mine in very bright sunlight with the Montana burst version, same model as above, but different pickguard added.


Same guitar, but photo taken indoor with flash.


Here is a vintage sunburst one, as a comparison.



I would say that my photos accentuate the red colors. The photo in the in the post above is better at showing the colors under normal circumstances. It's really a very pretty burst variation, and one which I personally like a lot.


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