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Black Dog

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I saw it yesterday and thought it was cool that Gibson is offering it free and making an investment in educating people about their instrument.  I played guitar for quite a few years before ever learning anything about set-up, truss rods, intonation etc.

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Yes it uses Zoom, which I'm not familiar with, but apparently can be downloaded free.

The only drawback I see was that first you have a 30 minute call with the tech just for him to determine what you know etc.  Then schedule a second 60 minute call for the actual work you perform.  That would be too much goofing around for me - I think in a hour and half I could set up an entire guitar including truss rod, action, string and pick-up height, intonation, cleaning etc.

Still think it's a good program though and wish it had been around in 1966 or so 🙂

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