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Why don't LPJ 2013 pickups have the Gibson USA symbol? (490R 498T)


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In the first photo the pickups are those of a Gibson Les Paul LPJ 2013. They have not written GIBSON USA, and they seem simpler. They come with a black plastic cover on the front. And in the following 2 photos, as they should be ... In the fourth photo, the guitar mentioned.
Does anyone have information? Thank you.

lpj 1.jpg

490r chrome.jpg

498t chrome.jpg

gibson les paul lpj.jpg

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These were in a budget les Paul model and are visually like an emg style pickup, I am guessing the base plate is different, like in the picture and its cheaper not to imprint a gibson logo into it, so this keeps the cost lower

Try Google to see if there any other photos that match

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Thank you for the informations!

Yes, in google searches, most lpj pickups do not have the logo, exactly with the photo. But I also found some that came out right with “Gibson USA” and the plastic cover on the front.

It seems that there is no pattern.

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