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Epiphone Les Paul Standard feedback problem


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Hi, I just picked up a very clean Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2009. Sounded great at the guys house I ran it through my pedal board 2 distortions a flanger and delay ( my standard set up) feed back like crazy through both pick ups. Playing clean is fine, as I turn more effects off it gets better Holding the strings mute or jiggling the cord makes no difference. I run my other Epiphone LP traditional pro and my Ibanaz with no feed back at all.

This guitar has the chrome face pickups. I don’t know if its the pickups or switch or a wiring issue.

Any help would be appreciated


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Well I can't hear what kind of pitch the feedback is, but I will say that the covers can change the resonant frequencies and capacitance of the pickup.

If you have a big enough soldering iron to unsolder one of the covers you might want to try it.

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