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I hope you and your families are all well in these very troubled and downright weird times. 
A brief intro I guess.
I came to the guitar quite late (49) .

my first guitar was and is a gretsch electomatic Jet. I would probably describe myself as enthusiastic (bit of a euphemism for not very good) but I try. 
I’ve got a thing for country and blues  

Joe Bonamassa 

chris Stapleton 

Larkin Poe 

Darius Rucker

The Cadillac Three


I am looking at 00 Or a 0 sized guitar listening to and watching someone who can fingerpick (Molly Tuttle)  l’m like a slack jawed Idiot in awe of it. 

Which brings to why I’ve joined the forum, I turn 50 this year. I’m looking for a guitar to mark it with. 

A 00 or 0  sized, I’m hoping there will be someone reading this that has  played a Gibson 00 for a while and what their thoughts are on it the good and the bad. 
Thank you for reading and contributions you might leave. 





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well so far you said two things that caught my eyes,  Joe B.  (guy is a monster) and Molly,, (also a monster!)

cant' help with the 00 gibbies, I'm a jumbo lover, SJ200, Taylor Grand Syphony, and a Guild jumbo 12.

head over to the Acoustic sub forum, you'll probably fit right in..

oh and.. welcome to the asylum,


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