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Tube socket cleaning brush


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Bit off topic for the Dark Fire forum, but need sum help locating a small diameter metal brush for cleaning the pin sockets on my valve amp. I would need several sizes for the power (octals) and the pre-amp tubes.


I do use deoxit, also remove and reinstall each tube to assist with cleaning the pins and I retension the socket pins. What I need though is a small diameter metal brush to actually clean the pin socket contacts better..................any suggestions on where to find or any ideas you have ?


Yep, I've tried Lowes, Northern Hydraulics, the web, etc. One thought popped into my mind was checking with my dentist....maybe they have a small wire brush. Maybe an electronics outfit, just don't have any leads on one.


When I measure across the pin on an octal, it's a little over 1/16" (.062).

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Puuuurfect, thanx guys, gave me sum more options I didn't think about. BTW, tried pipe cleaners and they were too large for the pre amp tubes and too small for the power tubes.


I'll hit a local gunsmith or Wal-mart.


Thanx Photo and Elantric !

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