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Which guitar for percussive playing ?


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Any acoustic guitar will work for percussive playing on the body, given the correct pickup. 

Whilst I sometimes play a little percussively for looping purposes, I wouldn't really say that Gibsons are a guitar I would associate with the very percussive fingerstyle playing that Jon Gomm, Newton Faulkner and so on are proponents of.

Gibsons are perhaps (depending on who you ask!) best suited to more traditional, rootsy styles of playing...of course, you can play anything you wish on any guitar you like, there are no rules! However, I would consider something like a Lowden, Benjamin, Taylor or PRS a more suited guitar for that kind of playing.

If I had to pick one of my guitars as the best suited for that kind of style, it would be my Maple Advanced Jumbo.

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6 hours ago, BluesKing777 said:


Percussive playing these days generally means in the Candyrat style.....





And "Acoustic Uprising" full length movie:











When I first moved to Topeka,  Andy was still living there teaching guitar at Steam Music.   So I actually could have taken lessons with him.   But for me he was one of those guys who while I bowed to his talent was not my cup of tea. .  I thought of his style as an extreme form of tapping.

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I will occasionally slap  my right hand down to get a percussive effect when playing..  I use it, as example, on a certain progression in  Hot Tuna's "Mann's Fate."

But there are guitars which have a percussive vibe to them on their own.  As best as I can describe it they have a touch of a resonator-like hollow sound which amplifies the percussive effect.     But this  is something you do not associate  with a "good" guitar.  You have to turn to a "not so good" guitar to find it.  From my experience your best bet here is a mahogany of birch top Harmony,  So, as this is a Gibson forum, I would try and get my hands on an LG-0.

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