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Barton Hollow

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I hope you and your families are all well in these very troubled and downright weird times. 
A brief intro I guess.
I came to the guitar quite late (49) .

my first guitar was and is a gretsch electomatic Jet. I would probably describe myself as enthusiastic (bit of a euphemism for not very good) but I try. 
I’ve got a thing for country and blues  

Joe Bonamassa 

chris Stapleton 

Larkin Poe 

Darius Rucker

The Cadillac Three


I am looking at 00 Or a 0 sized guitar listening to and watching someone who can fingerpick (Molly Tuttle)  l’m like a slack jawed Idiot in awe of it. 

Which brings to why I’ve joined the forum, I turn 50 this year. I’m looking for a guitar to mark it with. 

A 00 or 0  sized, I’m hoping there will be someone reading this that has  played a Gibson 00 for a while and what their thoughts are on it the good and the bad. 
Thank you for reading and contributions you might leave. 

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Hello Barton & Welcome.

I've been playing Gibsons since the '70s that are related to the LG-2 small body family.

Both the body size and shorter scale (24.75") contribute to the excellent playability of these models.

Within my fingerpicking style, I'm after a guitar that provides an even balance between the bass & treble.  I've played many LG bodies that have provided this, but some have not had enough strength on the bass side to keep pace with the treble.   I think within any model family, it's very important to play as many examples as possible in order to accurately develop a frame of reference for the potential range of tones that model has to offer.

Best of luck in your search, and enjoy the hunt! 

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I have been playing Gibsons a very long time and have only ever been able to play with my fingers.   To me the key is not the size of the guitar but how it s slapped together meaning primarily  nut width and string spacing at the bridge..   I tend to favor as much space between the strings for both hands.  So the Gibson I own which I find the most comfortable is my '32 L1 with its 1 3/4" nut and 2 5/16" string spacing..   Then throw in the fact it is a 12 fretter and it is a little  slice of fingerpicking heaven.

That, however, does not mean I cannot cozy up to a guitar falling short of the "ideal."   There is just a point I cannot go beyond and luckily I have not met that with Gibsons other than those dating from the mid-1960s on where the combination of the skinny neck carve and 1 5/8" nut make them a no starter for me.  .  And no argument that one of the things which really appeals to me with Gibsons is the short scale.  You pair that with the more flexible strings wound on a round core and it is just what the doctor ordered

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L-OO Legend. Fantastic fingerpicker with 1 3/4" nut, 2 3/8" string spacing at the pins. Big, fat 1930's V-neck. More treble and bass focused than the LG-style bodies, which makes for a great fingerpicker.

While I have the Legend version, there are other L-OO models with most of the same specs, but without the all hide glue construction of the Legends. They are more readily available, and a bit less expensive.

Highly recommended.

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Welcome aboard...

I have owned quite a few LG-2 variations, including the recent American Eagle and the really recent 50s LG-2 Reissue.

the American Eagles are a bargain, especially used. 

my hands are on the smaller side, so I am weird in that I don’t like a wide neck. Both guitar I mentioned are narrower than 1 3/4 inch width.

additionally, the Reissue’s neck is noticeably fatter and thicker than the American Eagles’s.

You can also look for all kinds of used LG-2s, L-00s, and B25s From different decades. You can even search for CF-100s, but those are hard to find and pricey.


in general I find the small Gibsons to be exactly what you are looking for. In the Martin line, outside the inexpensive 15 series, the sound tends to be more lush or melodic. 

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I have a Nick Lucas L100, which is great for blues fingerpicking, which I'm trying to learn, poorly.  It's Maple, 24 1/2 scale length and 1 3/4 nut and 4.5" depth at the tail.  It's fantastic, I'm not worthy of it.  It was a limited run from a few years ago, but if you see one for sale in the wild.....

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