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New Original - The Devil's Only Friend


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Me and my SJ-200. (and three accent guitars through a Kemper as listed in the song description.) No drums this time, but one tambourine VI just to have something. )

Time for some 90's style Outlaw Country? Sort of a cliche by now, but is still such fun. This is actually my first front to back one-take recording doing vocals and guitar sans overdubs, though I did do one of the verses twice and cut out the bad. Some un-matched dual-microphone phase challenges and heavy-handed digital tape emulation not withstanding, it's one of my better vocal efforts to date. I really stink at vocals. 

Lyrics below. (just pasted my chord sheet, if that's OK.)

Oh - The song is longer than it should be. To save you torture inherent to long songs without much change, intro for 30 seconds, instrumental at 3:05 for a minute or so and excessive outro at 5:15.  I was hoping to play something more interesting. Perhaps someday. 🙂 


Lyrics & Chord Sheet

[Dm][F][Gm][F][C] - x2

[Dm]A few empty bottles,
and a [F]half pack of smokes.
[Gm]One night's all she left me,
and [F]all I had when [C]I awoke.

[Dm]Rotten liquor and poison pills,
the [F]two things I don't hate.
[Gm]Uptown girls with uptown names,
[F]they use me for down-town [C]dates.

[Dm]In and out of my life
[F]that's how it always ends.
[C]You keep what you're born with,
[C]_______ when you're the [A]Devil's only [Dm]friend
[C]_______ [A][Dm]

[Dm]No living for the week-end,
and [F]no virtues to defend
[Gm]No sheet cake on your birth-day,
and no [F]parties to at-[C]tend.

[Dm]Song birds, they go quiet,
ain't no [F]laughter in the air.
[Gm]Moms and Nuns blush when I walk by,
as their [F]kids just stop and [C]stare.

(Repeat chorus 1)

(Verse and Chorus chords - one whole iteration)

[Dm]Hang-man won't hang me,
[F]Preacher won't say my name,
[Gm]Uprising in the jail-yard
[F]when the warden, she [C]said the same.

[Dm]Ain't much on pretty things,
but I [F]got an eye for sin.
[Gm]Sunny days make me meaner,
[F]holy [C]water burn my skin.

(Repeat chorus 1)


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Yes, I agree it has a ”snaky” feel to it, like it came out of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. A very cool sound! A little on the long side perhaps, but I like it alot. The lyrics are super.


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Thanks guys. I appreciate you giving it a listen. I'm going to select one of the mics and go through a bit of a different exercise and see what I can pull from it as opposed to enhancing into a one-man jam session.

1 hour ago, uncle fester said:

Fine job PB!  Is this done with the new music room set up, and if so - how you liking it?

I am digging it. I am not done. That was the deaden the space round. I've got much plastic and pegboard hung to test the next round's placement of more permanent installation. It's doing well. I can hear everything. I just don't know what to do with it. 

Every defect you hear in the recording, I can hear in the room. Even low end. It's fantastic. BUT, I have to re-learn everything. I spent 9 years cutting out defects via EQ. Now I have to learn what to do with all this pesky audio. The bad moves I made are evident on this track. Especially now that the "volume wars" are over. It sounds way over-compressed, and it is due to a ton of "natural compression". No space. Dynamic range is in the tank. I know my tracking mistakes and I know the bulk of the mixing mistakes.  I needed to snip this version off, though. 3 weeks of this - bah!

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OK, so I took the next step in my studio room acoustic treatments over the past few days. As I said in the previous post, every defect I could hear on the recording, I could hear in the room. It took far too long, IMO, but I finally was able to hear the fundamental reasons behind all of this last week and have since made subsequent modifications. I'll post the specifics in my studio thread.  Studio thread and specific post

Below are the before and after studio room modifications mixes. They are definitive in the very least. Same source recordings. Only mix changes. 




and the adjusted mix


fwiw, some small test tracking before and after indicated a lot of defect in the mid range will be solved. On to the next song..... I will have to track this one sometime, though.

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