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Ever write a song for a girl to sing?

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John Prine did it all the time. 

I wrote the song a few months ago, and recorded this rough demo about two weeks ago. 
Why Here, Why Now?

The premise;
A gal gets a call from an old flame.
He was the love of her life years ago, and then he disappeared from sight, never to be seen again.

Now, many years later, he calls up and wants to meet for a few drinks.
Why here, why now?, she thinks.
She's got a good life now, and about to get married, maybe, to a really great man.
What's this old lover doing showing up now?

It's a rough sketch.
When we record it properly, it'll be much longer.
I played all the instruments, including the drum machine, and I sang the girl part.
The 'crowded bar' sounds are generic. I pulled those off the inter-webs.

I was hoping to channel Joan Armatrading when I sang it, but it came out like a cross between Etta James and John Oates, sadly.

My band's lead singer will do a much better job, but I recorded this so she'll have an idea where to begin.



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