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"Jazzman" Jeff on Taped with Rabbi Doug's show


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Here  is a clip of me appearing on Taped with Rabbi Doug’s show from his YouTube page.  It’s an internet show as well as a local Chicagoland cable show.  I hope you enjoy my music in it and my interview before, during, and towards the end.  

I do the following songs in it:

1)  A guitar instrumental arrangement of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

2)  A guitar instrumental arrangement of Lennon/McCartney's " All You Need is Love"

3) An original guitar instrumental  called "Jacob's Ladder")

4) My guitar and vocal rendition of Fred Geis' "I'm Going Home" (a great  old Kingston Trio song)

5) A guitar instrumental arrangement of Craig Taubman's "Shehechianu"

Here’s the link to the version on Rabbi Doug YouTube channel:  https://youtu.be/QRjbPEJN1Z8
Hope you enjoy the music and interview.  Just trying to keep busy with all of my outdoor gigs postponed.
Feel free to share it!
Stay healthy!

My best to you!
QM aka:  "Jazzman" Jeff
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Thank you!  Thanks for your comment and kind words!  Glad you liked it!

BTW, for those not familiar with Hebrew, “tov meod” means, “very good!”

Again, thanks!  It was indeed an honor to be on the show!  It might not be the big time, but it sure was fun!    And, it’s always an honor to play my music for folks whether live or recorded.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff




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