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Vintage Gibson L-00 Firestripe pickguard


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Is there a section on this forum to inform people needing a specific part that it's available for sale? I put up an original vintage l-00 pickguard on ebay on 3-15-09, and would like anyone out there needing one to have a shot at it. I know it's EXTREMELY difficult to find one, so I thought someone might be interested.

Also, I wanted to see if someone knows what other models would have the same guard as an L-00. I'm sure an L-0, but how about Nick Lucas, L-C, H-G, Jumbo Flattop, J-35. Trojan, Advanced Jumbo, Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe, some L-1's. Does anybody know for sure? They all look the same, but I wasn't sure if they would all be the same size. I know the bodies are different, but it looks like the guards might all be the same. Thanks

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