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Bass Epi model/date help

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I bought this Epi Bass, new , circa '90.  During the pandemic I thought I'd get it out and give it some TLC. In the process of learning more about it, I entered the serial number in the Guitar Dater Project but it comes back as unrecognized. I hope it's not a fake as the numbers do not seem to match up to the age I believe it to be. Any help would be appreciated.  

The rules say full front and back photos but with the size limit, that seems impossible. Here's a link to a Google photo album - hope it works.




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Well, that's good news - Thanks for letting me know.

Along with with numbers being way off, the factory letters of "SL" not being on the chart of known variants worried me. 

If I was going to replace the saddles ( or anything else when needed ) is there a good way to determine the model so I could get parts? Is there a particular place online that is recommended?  I'm going to start the cleaning tomorrow - I've neglected it for far to long.

Again, thanks for your help.


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I’ll bet the parts will be fine. The brass saddle likely have clear lacquer on them and some has worn or chipped off. You could give them a bath in lacquer thinner and a good rub with steel wool and re-spray them. Or just let them age uniformly. As to the screws, just work at them with wd40. You’ll be fine. The tuners are probably Gotoh or Ping, if you need to replace them. My guess is once you get your hands dirty you’ll get the good feeling associated with preserving the original hardware. Now that’s assuming it didn’t suck in the first place! Only you can decide that. 

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