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Gibson J-45 Standard VS discontinued in 2020?


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Hi folks,

As I'm still debating whether I should keep the J-45 Standard VS that I ordered recently I talked to two shop owners who each have a 50s Original Series J-45 all new in their shops. They both told me they're not sure the J-45 Standard will be continued after all, as they have no confirmation from Gibson whatsoever to get another J-45 Standard VS again (despite Corona uncertainties) and they couldn't think of why Gibson would release a 50s model alongside when there is little differences despite optics.  On the Gibson website they're still describing the features of a "2019 model" in regards to the Standard J-45, being marked as sold out. And at least in the German market it seems like there is no J-45 Standard available in any shop anymore. Does someone know more than we do here in Germany?


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The J-45 standard is still listed on their website as part of the Modern Acoustic series. I assume by VS, you just refer to the vintage sunburst finish.

Gibson shut down manufacturing operations across the board in late March, including Gibson Acoustic in Bozeman,  due to coronavirus business restrictions.  There is no indication I can find on the website that manufacturing has resumed yet.

Gibson has always had multiple models of the J-45 in production at the same time, even when differences between many of those models were largely cosmetic. There may well be shortages of certain models for some time even after manufacturing resumes.

The J-45 standard has always been one of their most popular models, so it seems unlikely the manufacturing of that model would be ended.  If and when it does end, you can assume that the end of civilization as we know it is nigh.

They could, however, re-name the Standard as something else, but it would still be the same guitar.

This is, after all, Gibson, manufacturers at one time or another of some 50 (and counting) variations on the J-45.

When I bought my first Gibson back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there were two fraternal twins: the J-45, and the natural-topped J-50 variant. Now, you need a scorecard to keep track.

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